miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

Video 4, CONTEXT

We know that Context is crucial and essential to make ALL CONTENTS meaningful. Even during the Activation Knowledge stage, kids can be asked to say whatever they know about the topic, which is WITHIN the context. Even if it´s a wrong concept, we´ll take into account. In a specific part of the lesson, this mistake will be clarified, even by mates.
We strongly believe that it is very important to choose appropriate material and strategies according to age CULTURAL CONTEXT and interests.

martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

The world into the classroom & Tools (video 2 & 3)

This year we´ll have an extraordinary opportunity to bring the world into the classroom: Brazil´s World Cup 2014. With this world event we´ll be able to investigate about: different cultures, religion, music, geography and VALUES related to sports and acceptance among ethnicities. The lady refers to real people in a real world so we´ll all be involved not only in the results of the matches but also all the other news surrounding this big event. We strongly believe that this topic would fit perfectly well in the bilingual project. Together with Pope Francis and other possible new/events, the World Cupm will definitely be a "Global Theme". Apart from this new project, after winter holidays we usually develop Stories From Around The World that involves traditional stories from different countries.
As regards Video 3, we understand that we have to keep updated with technology, not only for teaching, but for our daily life. But we don´t think that electronic devices are the only way of sharing a common ground with children and teens. Sometimes, we plan lessons in which computers are needed but we don´t have the necessary ammount of netbooks for that day, or there is not internet connection or just 4 computers out of 14 could connect.
This situation can lead to develop Values and Skills such as : being flexible, patient, generosity, and finding other resources to achieve the same objective as the already planned in the lesson. (offline)

lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

21st century skills

After watching the teacher from the video, we really felt identified with her proposal and the way we work in the classroom. Technology is an excellent tool to teach, learn and communicate, but information is overwhelming, even to us! So, we strongly believe that, summarizing is a necessary strategy to get the relevant information. While communication is happening, kids will develop critical thinking, connections to their own experiences and  consequently they will make all the information found their own.
Although our students are definitely DIGITAL NATIVES (they have the "digital finger", they enjoy using technology and they are terrible attracted to computers) they really need guidance to use internet and technology in general FRUITFULLY and EFFECTIVELY. We mean: select the relevant data, visit safe and reliable sources.