miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

                                                  The power of words
Educating children is a daily challenge. We try to cover everything: contents, strategies, techniques. But we know that there is something that underlies all these aspects. I´m referring to good behaviour, to create a good atmosphere in the classroom where we can listen to each other in a respectful way, taking turns to speak.
I´m aware that it´s not easy to accomplish these instances. Sometimes, we feel that we have achieved some, or most of them, but then, something happens and we go backwards with a bitter feeling of disappointment.
In my opinion, the best way of struggling against these situations is TALKING TO OUR STUDENTS", using simple, well-chosen words that can touch their hearts and can lead to a deep, mature reflection.
I´m not saying that disciplinary sanctions have to be avoided. We need them at school. But I think that going "over and over" VALUES, is a profitable investment in our students' emotional development.