jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014

                 The way Assemblies introduced changes to my” teaching style”
   Some years ago, after teaching for a long time, I felt the strong need to make a significant change in my career. I knew, beforehand, that “starting again”, would bring many challenges. That was my clear, specific objective! It represented an interesting move towards growing as a teacher and as a human being.
   Of course I was not going to leave aside my academic background and my experience in different grades. The idea was to add, combine and recycle new strategies and techniques to the ones I had been applying for years.
   I felt immensely enthusiastic about my new situation. But planning was a big issue, it had to be done meticulously.
   It was not easy at the beginning. It was completely different from the way I had planned my Spanish lessons before.
   But, what really called my attention was the “concept” of the Assemblies. I could not imagine how students could get a valuable lesson without writing for an hour and a half.
   I imagined children getting bored, misbehaving, not knowing what to do with their time. I didn´t know how to time this stage, thinking it could mean a waste of time and energy.
   Little by little, I realized that it was definitely worth carrying out these Assemblies. More than that, I started enjoying them!
   Framing an interesting question, presenting a conflict to be solved, talking about a hard situation, mentioning characters from stories, making connections with real life, or just telling them:”What is the first thing that comes to your mind in relation to the topic, to this person, event or to the content in itself ?”

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  1. Thanks god you decided to make this change!! It's a real pleasure to share afternoons with you.
    I've had the opportunity to watch your assemblies and they are wonderful. You make sts participate, think, solve and most important of all, you make them respect themselves.
    If there is something I would like to take and learn from you is the way you pace assemblies so that everybody has the possibility of sharing their ideas, of listening to learn from others and being listened to. Respect is paramount in your lessons!