lunes, 18 de marzo de 2013

The role of effort in learning

The process of learning is complex. There are a wide variety of elements that intervene in the different steps of its development. Some are more crucial than others. I consider EFFORT a key instance, a necessary VALUE that enhances our performance. As a teacher, I always focus on this issue and more than that, I prize it a lot. Making efforts makes us feel well, no matter what the results are. But for sure, it´s a result in itself!

3 comentarios:

  1. Patsy I agree with you!! EFFORT is the key element for learning, let´s keep on prizing this value with our Appreciation Copybook and daily in class.

  2. Hi Patsy!!
    It´s true that effort is a key value in education, and whenever you show a kids that his/her efforts are important and valued, he/she starts having good results. It happened to my with a couple of kids.
    We, as adults, also like being valued in our efforts to do things well. We make a great effort to do everything we are asked and even more. That is why we get so angry when we see no efforts from people around us! Adults are grown up kids who need almost the same things, but we may consciously ask for it!

  3. Effort, how interesting would be if our students could discover that this is the key to success! I do think that by being explicit and prizing it in your daily lessons kids will start noticing that there is something else apart from a final result, or that a final product can have a different result provided the effort you have made